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How to hire a health insurance agent or broker

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How to hire a health insurance agent or broker
The health insurance premiums never seem to stop increasing insurance company.
The 2015 Employer Health Benefits Survey conducted by the
Kaiser Family Foundation found that annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health insurance increased by 4% over the last year,
reaching $ 17,545. On average, workers paid $ 4,955 each for the cost of the premium.
A simple method that small businesses can use to reduce the cost of health insurance
is to use the services of a broker or agent.

While brokers work for multiple insurance simultaneously, agents represent a single company.
Agents are paid directly by the insurance company,
but you may have to pay a broker for the services provided.

Insurances Choosing the right agent or agent is essential to finding the most appropriate and economical insurance coverage for your employees.

Is the broker registered? - They must follow a specific number of hours of training in health insurance and related subjects.
Subsequently, they must pass an examination conducted under the supervision of the Public Insurance Commission.

The broker you hire must have the required credentials.
It can also be a good idea to call the State Insurance Commissioner's office to see if there are any outstanding complaints against the person you plan to appoint.

Reference Audits: az insurance Before granting a broker or agent the mandate to help find the best insurance coverage for its employees,
It is advisable to carry out a reference check.

Ask to speak with some clients. insurance company Is the strength of your employees similar to yours?
If the person you are planning to appoint usually works for large companies and you are the first small business client, this may not be a good option.
Try to find someone who is experienced in managing the requirements of organizations of similar size to yours.

What services will be provided? - It is better to ask for clarification on several questions before choosing an intermediary.
The person who is considering becoming familiar with the Affordable Care Act?
The health insurance sector is very complex with many regulations that change periodically.
Unless you find someone who is familiar with these, you can not get an adequate level of service.

Will your current policy be processed even if it has been arranged by someone else?
What support will be provided for billing and claims issues?

How will the renovations be treated?
Will they just give you a hard copy of the different health plan options and ask you to choose the most appropriate? You certainly do not want anyone to provide services of this nature.

The renewal process must begin between 90 and 120 days before the payment expires.
This will give you enough time to understand the changes that have taken place over the last year.

During this time, the number of your employees may have increased.
Your age profile and your health insurance conditions may not be the same as the previous year.
All of these factors could lead to the need to make changes to your health plans with a subsequent change in insurance premiums.

A competent broker must be able to guide you through this whole process.

Choose carefully
The insurance company An agent or broker can be of great help in arranging health insurance for your employees.
But a lot depends on how carefully you make your choice. Try to find someone with many years of experience in the field and a number of satisfied customers.

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